Chadd Hartman


Chadd 2

Name: Chadd Hartman

Race Age: 43

Specialty: Descending, technical terrain, and breaking parts. Malternitives. Oh, and road gaps!

Race Bike: Felt Edict 1

Dan MTBT 101


Best Race or Ride: Favorite race of 2017 was the championship race at Mohican. I had just come off my second DNF in a row, in what proved to be a very difficult return to racing due to health issues. I was unable to qualify for the OMBC series, and really wasn’t into competing in a race that meant nothing to me. The guys all convinced me to show up and ride my own race with no expectations. It turned out to be the best result of the season, and a great learning experience. I learned a lot about where I stand mentally and physically when it comes to racing, and about why I love it so much. I could have sat on the couch and watched some sportsball, but that ain’t me.

2018 Goals: Sport Open Championship

Chadd 4

Motto: If it ain’t broke, let me try.

Chadd 3

Why you’re a Trailer Park Racer: It just works. These guys and gals get me. No other group I’d rather ride with.

Dan MTBT 212


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