Name: Noelle ‘Noel’ ‘Neal’ Bartholdi (related to the freak who designed the Statue of Liberty; body of his girlfriend face of his mother. Sicko)

Race Age: What does this even mean? My race has been around a very long time… don’t know it’s exact age! I’m eternally 29, but my Birth Certificate may state otherwise. Yes, i am a US citizen, despite what you think about California.

Specialty: Specifics? I’m not even going to answer this sober… Having a rip roaring good time even while climbing some sick stupid muddy mountain. Training trips, that’s my specialty, yeah training trips and banana milkshakes.

Race Bike: My bike, i guess? And the single speed borrowed to kick ass at nationals



Favorite Race or Ride: All of them. Just happy to be alive and on a bike. Love Big Bear (WV), Mohican, all of southern Utah MTB, and Corners Canyon (UT). PA MTB is off the hook too. Just getting started! Can’t wait to explore Maui and Colorado on knobby wheels, in 2018!

2018 Goals: Not to die, and have more fun than thought possible

Dress’n Up


Motto: Just happy to be here! Carb the fuck up! Plants for the win! Are we there yet?

Why you’re a Trailer Park Racer: No idea! Just got lucky I ‘spose. In love with the whole idea, the entire team, and riding my MTB. Thanks for including me.

Anything Else?Thoughts about yoga? Why is actually sitting down on a public toilet risky, anyway? When is our team training trip? Christmas Party at Angie’s? I have a secret fantasy about living out of a truck with a trailer, my dog, and traveling all over the country to ride my MTB… You too?

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