What is Trailer Park Racing?

What is Trailer Park Racing?

aefb1d7c-8d56-4874-9a3f-9e2e5d89d084It’s more than a kit

Trailer Park Racing is more than a team.  It’s a lifestyle; it’s a state of mind.img_0661

Naw, I’m just messing with you.  It’s a race team. 

Trailer Park Racing has some fast people; some “podium getters,” like Joe, James, Noelle, Mike, Emma, and Mikey.  That’s cool.  We love to bust their chops. 

TP Ladies

We’ve also got some beginners, like Justin, who is 10 years old and likes to go fast.  We will bust his chops too, along with the other juniors on the team, who we affectionately call the “Park Rats.”  And we’ve got some teammates who love to race, and aren’t beginners, but rarely step on a podium.  That’s cool. And there’s always room under our tent for friends. 

img_2804Uncle Paulie is also a competitive eater.

There are twenty of us, and we like to race mountain bikes.  But like, really, we like to race.  That’s the whole criteria for joining the team.  We like everything that goes along with a race, the competition, the training, the race day camaraderie, the rivalries, and the friendships. 

img_2812When they’re not racing, Dan and Chuck like to heckle.

Why are we called “Trailer Park Racing”?  Mostly because Dan’s website is called Mountain Bike Trailer Park.  Still, the name let’s you know what we’re all about.  We’re going to get dirty, drink beer (except for Justin, because he’s 10 and Joe, because he likes water), and we’re not going to take racing too seriously.  Except that we do. 

img_3955Pied piper of mountain biking Rick addresses the Gator’s Team

We are partners with the Gator’s Bike Park Race Team, a team of 60-some kids, in ages from preschool to high school.  Rick Armstrong and his Gator’s Team is putting kids on bikes BIG TIME, and we’re just happy to help. 

As the kids progress and become ready to take on organized races, we want them to come race with us too!  There’s always room under our tent!

img_2653Sun’s up, thumbs up.

Trailer Park Racing is also INTERNATIONAL.  Kunihiko (“Max”) and Nahum are Trailer Park Japan, and will be living and racing in XC races in Japan for 2018.   

Our sponsors are amazing.  Seriously:

RyanRyan works on Dan’s race bike

Wheelie Fun Bike Shop is Central Ohio’s best mountain bike shop.  THEY SPEAK MTB!  Plus, owner Ryan is on our team, and has been training so hard that he has actually developed three abs.

img_0596Dan rides Progressive Bike Ramps modular pump track on a completely inappropriate bike

If you don’t know who Progressive Bike Ramps is, you should ask somebody.  Seriously, HOW DID WE LAND PROGRESSIVE BIKE RAMPS AS A SPONSOR?  Probably because they’re just an awesome company looking to support as much MTB love as they can.  You have probably ridden on some of their product and you didn’t even know it!

img_0990A workbench is not complete without a can of beer.

North High Brewing.  BEER!  Need I say more?  Oh, but I will.  North High owner Tim is on the team, but the real star is his toddler, who can already ride circles around Chadd.  North High has been a supporter of cycling in Central Ohio since they opened their doors, and we look forward to ruining their good reputation.  

img_3466James and Corey race at Grandview Pro Fitness.  Who is winning?

Grandview Pro Fitness is helping us get SWOLE.  Dr. Shawn’s biceps are bigger than my head, and he thinks too many cyclists skip chest day, but he’s behind us anyway!  The gym is sweet, plus, the Grandview Performance Medicine Institute give the team members all the metrics needed to see how bad they suck, from body composition testing, to VO2 max and resting metabolic rate testing, and even custom bike fit and nutrition plans. 

img_3957-1Drool worthy

Hatfield RV is probably our coolest sponsor, because we are Trailer Park Racing!  Owner Jason is a mountain biker.  He’s one of those guys who can skip riding for a couple months and still go out and tear your legs off in a group ride.  Plus, he is genuinely one of the nicest guys we have ever met.  Visiting Hatfield RV is always dangerous for us team members – how do you explain to your spouse that you really needed that 29-foot Class A motor home?  Seriously, Dan is not allowed to go there anymore, because he comes home talking crazy!img_3959

Dirt Rag.  Are you kidding me?  Dirt Rag is sponsoring Trailer Park racing!  WHAT?  It’s the best magazine out there, bike-related or otherwise.  Plus, their website is full of hot fresh daily MTB action (including a column by Dan, whenever he gets enough free time to peck out some drivel on his crumb-covered keyboard).

img_2668Mike sessions some rock at the QT site

Keep it on the QT wants to build mountain bike trails basically in my backyard!  There’s an old mine site that perhaps a few of us (ahem) have ridden, even though it may not have technically been allowed.  First of all, we at Trailer Park Racing do not condone that behavior (ahem), and Mike has been leading legitimate tours of the site.  The potential there is AMAZING!  Follow them on FB and Insta for details as the development unfolds.img_3960Cruise Planners wants to hook you up with an adventure!  Jeff Luke is a mountain biker (sensing a theme here?) and knows how we like to get outdoors! The Lukes have outdoor adventure cruise packages available.  Look for them at the Mohican 100 with special offers for mountain bikers! img_3956 And last, but not least is Quickdirt, teammate James’s excellent blog.  James provides useful information and content about racing XC in Ohio and around the state.  James has been a mentor to many of us in racing, blogging, and beer drinking.  If you don’t have Quickdirt bookmarked, you should!  TP Ladies 2

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