My 2016 Schedule

I admit it. I’m copy-catting I can’t help it. James is my hero.


So, when he posted his race/trip schedule, I thought I’d do the same. 
I have a lot on the calendar. A lot. So much, that I have instituted a form for my kids to submit if they want to spend time with me. I’ll review each application in the order it is received and inform the applicant of any approval of parent/child time within 30 days. Any denials will be appeal able to my wife, who has the ultimate decision making authority. Her decisions cannot be appealed. 


Anyhow, here’s my schedule so far:
27 – Fourth and final COMBO Fat Bike Race
29 – Wrap up party and awards for COMBO Races at Lineage Brewing


10 – OMBC Opener at Mountwood WV – (the OMB schedule can be found here)
23 – OMBC Mohican

14 – OMBC Great Seal
21-23 Dirt Rag Dirt Fest in Raystown PA



16 – COMBO 6 hour race at Chestnut Ridge (tentative date! Keep a look out for a formal announcement!) 
24 – Ross Trifit Challenge – Olympic Triathlon
31 – OMBC Lake Hope


14 – OMBC Westbranch
28 – OMBC Dillon (if I can walk)

You’re welcome


11 – OMBC Chestnut Ridge (must race!!)

2 – OMBC Scioto Trails
8 – OMBC Season ender at Mohican




If that don’t stoke your fire to ride there, you are probably a roadie.  Also, keep your eyes peeled here, because I’m planning to do a preride of this system and check out the Bentonville scene in advance of the World Summit.  The World Summit is a must for mountain bikers.  You will ride the best bikes and trails, meet awesome people, and learn skills from trailbuilding to how to talk with land managers.  It’s a blast!  And the trails in Bentonville look amazing!

Who is going with me?


Fat bike race season begins again . . .  And we end where we started

What am I missing? Are you joining me for any of these?