Year: 2015

Hey, Let’s Go Ride Bikes!

Photobomb You may have noticed that I haven’t posted for a month.  But probably not.  You have shit to do.  Me too.  I mean, those photos aren’t going to bomb themselves . . . Since we last spoke, I have been pretty busy. I raced at Mountwood WV.  I’m in […]

Like Savoir Faire, I Am Everywhere.

Remember Savoir Faire, the criminal Canadian mouse from the Klondike Kat show? His catch phrase was “Savoir Faire is everywhere.” He might have fooled the Canadian police, but he wouldn’t have lasted long in America. Try that Frenchie shit in Alabama and see what happens.  Anyway, like Savoir Faire, I […]

Half a Beast

So, you may be familiar with my race number.   The plate of the beast But lately, I have been considering trading number 666 in for 333. Why?  Because I’m only half a beast.  See, like most cyclists, my lower half is strong. But my upper body is composed mostly of kittens and […]