Month: July 2014

Wagon Queen Family Truckster

Add caption Remember the Wagon queen Family Truckster? Of course you do.  Chevy Chase drove it in National Lampoon’s Vacation. Also, Christie Brinkley was in that film.  She drove a Ferrari with license plates that spelled “LOVE ME.” Christie Brinkley is also an avid cyclist. Here, Ms. Brinkley demonstrates safe […]

Who is Rui Costa?

This is Rui Costa.  He’s the guy at the Lisbon airport, sitting in that little glass box, who checked my passport.  But it’s not really a picture of Rui Costa.  They wouldn’t let me take a picture of him, even though I only really wanted a picture of his namebadge.  […]

American Cyclists Are Soft

Gonna take you right into the danger zone I have said it before, cycling is not a particularly dangerous activity.  Still, there is some element of danger.  For mountain bikers, the danger is somewhat contrived and largely can be controlled.  For the most part, we go out on trails that […]