Month: May 2014

They Know Where You Are

Please put on your tin foil hats before reading this post At the Columbus Commons after the bike to work ride on Friday, Mayor Coleman announced a seemingly benign plan.  But I’m on to them. The Mayor is somewhere in this picture. The program is called “Bug Your Bike.”  The […]

The Storm Before the Calm

Oops Anybody who has been in a bike wreck can identify the above photograph.  Hint: the tire is not supposed to touch the down tube.  That’s a telltale indicator of  a front end wreck.  The fork is bent backwards and, in this case, the impact was strong enough to bend […]

Sometimes the Hard Way Is the Easy Way

There’s a line in there somewhere So, I ride mountain bikes.  And this blog is ostensibly about the riding of such bikes.  Let’s proceed to talk bikes, shall we? Sometimes I learn things about riding mountain bikes.  These things make me a better rider.  They are often learned the hard […]