Year: 2014

Uncle Dan’s Winter Cycling Tips

Riding indoors sucks I wonder how long it will be before someone asks their local bike shop to help them put their e-bike on their trainer for winter. Dammit.   Are you tired of winter yet?  You could try a gravel ride.  I hear the people are really friendly. Bryan, quick: […]

I Have a Lot of Layers

Smiling like an idiot Ok, I have a lot of bike friends.  And whenever the first snow hits, I get flooded with selfies of people snow biking.  “Hey, look at me, I’m riding in the snow!”  Like it’s some kind of accomplishment.  It’s not.  It’s fucking reality.  We live in […]

The End Is Near

Photo from here You remember playing the “what if” game, right?  It’s when someone proposes a scenario and you have to say how you would react.  Like “what if you were President?”  (Easy, I’d outlaw Dr. Phil).  Or “what if you found a bag with a million dollars?”  (Easy, I’d […]

I Like Lee Likes Bikes

Because nothing says you’ve got “STREET CRED” quite as much as writing it on your bike. I found the remains of this bike chained to a pole in Philly, left to fossilize like the skeleton of a wildebeest glistening in the African sun after the lions, hyenas, and vultures have […]

You Are Who They Say You Are

It was a good day There was a great picture going around the interwebs a week or two ago. Found on Mandatory This reminds me of summer days as a kid, where I would often find my friends by looking for the pile of bikes.  In particular, there was an […]

I’m Calling Bulls**t

Photo courtesy of So, it’s been two weeks since I put up a post and I have probably lost whatever little audience I had, but I hope you’ve stayed with me.  Life is busy and it’s been amazing weather to ride a bike.  With that out of the way, […]