Trailer Park Racing – Keeping It in the Family

Editor’s Note: this is my favorite blog ever, written by my new favorite “teammate” Laura. Let it be known that I am impressed by mountain bikers. I can’t even make it around our neighborhood block without falling off my bike and the last time I did ride was Mother’s Day 2014. Then […]

Chasing Moon Dust – I’m a Gucci Bag

This one’s gonna hurt some of you psychically. Hurt me to write it, because I’m kind of outing myself. But bear with me, you’ll just have to accept the discomfort as we go. Like my buddy Cam said, I have to keep it real. So, I headed out to Bend […]

Chadd’s Full Suspension Singlespeed Story

My Single Speed Story by Chadd Hartman Editor’s note: Today’s post was sent to me by teammate Chadd Hartman, who is smart enough to write a funny story and dumb enough to make a singlespeed full suspension mountain bike.  This is not my first foray into the world of singlespeed […]

Pivot Les Singlespeed Reviewed by Joe

Editor’s note: Today’s post was sent to me by teammate Joe Worboy, who wanted to share his review of his new Pivot.  2018 Pivot LES, Custom Built by Wheelie Fun Bike Shop, Powell Oh. New bike day! There is nothing LES about this bike.  My first ride on this bike […]

Six Reasons to Race Local

[Photo by Tina Yan Reeves] I have previously professed my love of travel races (you can read more about it here). There’s a lot to like: the road trip, the new trails, the new places to eat and ride, and hotel swimming pools. And Ohio’s a good launching place for […]