First World Problems

Hello friends.  I have problems.  But I feel guilty about having some of them, because they feel like an exercise in privilege.  Like “my cushy office job just isn’t fulfilling on a spiritual level, you know?’ Or, “the bike rack at work was so full this morning that I had […]

Mountain Biker Personality Quiz

Oh, hi there. DO your cycling friends exhibit certain typical behaviors, like the guy who always wants to talk about his wheelset, or the gal who always shows up late with a flat tire?  Have you ever wondered “how do I communicate with this person?” Well, here at Mountain Bike […]

I wrote a poem

I wrote a poem. And Dirt Rag published it. Is that weird? Maybe. Is it deep and meaningful? Probably not. I wrote it. It might be a metal-four or something. Whatever. I know mountain bikers love poetry. So here it is.

My Five Step Plan to Failure – the Marji Gesick

They say we learn more from failure than success. Therefore, I am an expert. At least an expert at failing.  Want to learn my 5 secrets to succeeding at failing? They’re up over on Dirt Rag’s site, along with my writeup of the Marji Gesick. Click the link!