Are we hipsters? And my race calendar.

So, my team just picked up a new sponsor, Mad Tree Brewing  This is our second beer sponsor, since we already are sponsored by Staas Brewing  Oh, and we’re sponsored by two blogs. 


Two beer sponsors and two blogs. Are we hipsters? Hm, well we do have a lot of beards. 


On the other hand, there are a lot of mom jeans happening. And, we’re mostly middle aged. So, probably not. Also, there’s this …

Anyhoo, believe it or not, I have already done my race calendar for almost the entire year of 2017. 
Seems early to do this in January, but there are so many good races and many require travel and days off. Add in family trips and school/work schedules, and you can see why I need to do this so early. 
Plus, I’m already in training for the season. I have to. Long races start already in March. 
My calendar is mostly based around three race series: the NUE Endurance Series  the Ohio Mountain Bike Championship Series  and the Tri-State Six Hour Series
Following the Quickdirt plan, I tried to schedule not more than two events per month, although I still ended up with four months with three events. 
Without further ado, here it is:



16 COMBO Fatbike

28 Fat Bike Nats Grand Rapids MI*

29 COMBO Fatbike



11 COMBO Fatbike

26 Brewery Vivant Fat Bike Grand Rapids MI*



18 OMBC Mohican

25 Barry-Roubaix Hastings MI*



9 OMBC Eastfork

15 CAP City Short Track Chestnut Ridge

29 NUE Cohutta 100 Copperhill TN*



7 OMBC Scioto Trails



17 NUE Lumberjack 100 Wellston MI*



9 Tri-state Eastfork

15 CR 6 Hour

23 OMBC Lake Hope



6 Tri-state Hueston Woods

13 OMBC Westbranch

19 Tri-state Idlewild

27 OMBC Dillon




3 NUE Shennandoah 100 Harrisburg VA




7 OMBC Great Seal

21 OMBC Championship



3-5 Iceman Grand Rapids MI



Fat bike racing starts again!