Month: June 2014

The Liberal Guilt Artery

I’ve mentioned the Olentangy Trail before.  It is my path to work.  I run on it too.  My section of the path runs from Clintonville to downtown. This is no ordinary part of the bikepath.  No, this path follows the is the “liberal guilt” artery of Columbus.  See, my part […]

Like Babies on Airplanes

  My son insisted that I buy this.  Remember these?  You can style the iron shavings as hair and beard with a magnet-tipped stylus.  It looked fun, so why not?  It wasn’t until we got home that he told me why he wanted it – because he thought it looked […]

Christmas in July

Krampus thinks your elf on a shelf is a punk Do you know about Krampus?  He’s pretty much the anti-Santa.  See, in the “Old World”* Santa wasn’t alone.  Santa had a travelling companion, Krampus.  Santa would give the good kids gifts, and Krampus would gather the bad kids up in […]

The Dirt Church

Chestnut Ridge – Winter Chestnut Ridge – Spring Chestnut Ridge – Summer Chestnut Ridge – Fall The pictures above were taken in roughly the same spot at my favorite mountain bike trail.  The trail is at Chestnut Ridge Metro Park and this particular spot is at the top of the […]