Month: April 2014

I Have a Secret

Not that kind of secret Actually, I have lots of secrets.  Do you have any secrets?  Anything that you hide from those people who surround you every day?  Most everybody’s hiding something.  I bet you are too.  A secret is based in fear.  If the secret gets out, it might […]

A Different Kind of Easter Egg Hunt

A deviled egg I’m a terrible parent.  It’s Easter weekend and most families are out doing egg hunts.  Of course, not everyone finds what they’re looking for. But I took my family on a different kind of egg hunt.  At 7:00, I roused the teenagers and we headed out to […]

Mullets, Bikes, and Art

Thumbs up First of all, further to my last post, Travis Freeman was hit in my neighborhood in March.  He’s in recovery – throw him a couple bucks to help with his medical bills.  Seriously, what’s $10 to you?  That’s like one artisanal hot dog with kimchi slaw.  Just eat […]

I Am Brave

My collarbone is brave There’s a woman that I run into several times a week, who only knows one thing about me – that I ride a bike.  At least, I think that’s all she knows, because that’s all she talks about.  Every time I see her, she looks at […]

Of Signs and Change

Have you ever had a “compliment sandwich”? I heard about it at some soft-skills seminar.  The idea is that if you have to deliver criticism, it is often best taken when sandwiched between two compliments.  Something like: “I like your hat.  You are a douchebag.  Can I borrow your stapler?”  […]

The Wrong Tool for the Job

Hammer, proper! So, as I mentioned in my last post,last Saturday, some friends invited me to join them on a bike ride (that will teach them).  The ride was the Gravel Rouser Classic, put on by Athens Bicycle.  The ride was described to me as 40 miles of gravel roads […]